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Ostrya carpinifolia (hop hornbeam, Betulaceae)



Abies alba (European silver fir) saplings. Perućica Nature Reserve, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
O. carpinifolia (left) and Picea abies (Norway spruce, left centre) on rock in Steneto Gorge. Other trees: Fagus sylvatica (European beech). Steneto Strict Nature Reserve, Bulgaria.
Steneto Gorge. O. carpinifolia foliage in the foreground. Mainly Abies alba (European silver fir), Picea abies (Norway spruce) and Fagus sylvatica (European beech) in the background. Steneto Strict Nature Reserve, Bulgaria.
Some trees (and tall shrubs) at lower elevations of Borjomi Strict Nature Reserve, Georgia. T. dasystyla subsp. caucasica = T. begoniifolia.