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Havešová National Nature Reserve, Slovakia


Like Opens internal link in current windowStužica National Nature Reserve, Havešová is a part of Poloniny National Park and from 2007 a part of Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians World Heritage Area. The reserve consists of 1.7 km2 of highly productive almost pure Opens internal link in current windowFagus sylvatica (European beech) forest1. Apart from a small portion of younger forest2, the reserve has no signs of any human influence1.


F. sylvatica reaches great heights here. The tallest tree I measured in 2015 with a Nikon Laser 550A S instrument was 48.3 m. Still taller trees have been reported1 2 3 but they have probably been measured using the tangent method, which often results in over-measurement4. However, I measured only about 10 trees, so there may well be F. sylvatica exceeding 50 metres. The record for a reliably measured F. sylvatica is 49.4 m for a tree in France5.


Elevation is 450–730 m. Annual precipitation is 700800 mm and average annual temperature approx. 7°C 1.




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Fagus sylvatica (European beech) forest.
Fagus sylvatica (European beech) forest.
Fagus sylvatica (European beech) forest. 48.3-metre F. sylvatica (girth 261 cm) behind the leaning tree, left.