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Tarra-Bulga National Park, Victoria, Australia


This park (20 km2; elevation approx. 200700 m) protects small remnants of tall Opens internal link in current windowEucalyptus regnans (mountain ash) forests, which covered large areas in Victoria´s mountains before European colonization. The park consists of mountain ridges and gullies. As usual1, E. regnans forms pure stands on slopes and ridges. Old stands are approx. 60 m tall. The tallest measured tree is 79 m tall2. The trees rise from the undergrowth like pale smooth giant pillars. Long bark strips hang from the point where the rough bark of the base turns to the “gum” bark of the upper trunk. There are also second-growth stands in the park. The gullies are full of Opens internal link in current windowDicksonia antarctica (soft tree fern). Tree ferns – in addition to D. antarctica also Opens internal link in current windowCyathea australis (rough tree fern) and Opens internal link in current windowC. cunninghamii (slender tree fern) are abundant under E. regnans, as well. Tree identification is not difficult.


Camping is not allowed, and walking off-trail is almost impossible due to dense undergrowth and steep slopes.




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2       Mifsud, B. M. (2002): Opens external link in new windowVictoria´s tallest trees. Australian Forestry Vol. 66, No. 3 pp. 197-205.


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Over 70 m tall Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash), foreground. About 65-metre E. regnans, left. Behind these, Nothofagus cunninghamii (myrtle beech) dominated forest on gully slopes. E. regnans forest, background.
Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash) forest on the ridge; Dicksonia antarctica (soft tree fern) in gully, bottom left. Also Nothofagus cunninghamii (myrtle beech), extreme right; Cyathea cunninghamii (slender tree fern), tall tree ferns, centre; Cyathea australis (rough tree fern), tall tree ferns visible between Nothofagus branches. Elev. 620 m.
Fallen large Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash), centre, at 610 m. Atherosperma moschatum (southern sassafras), left; Nothofagus cunninghamii (myrtle beech), right; Cyathea cunninghamii (slender tree fern), bottom right; E. regnans forest, background.
Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash).
Approx. 60 m tall Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash) stand at 600 m. Also Pittosporum bicolor (banyalla), the small dark green tree.
Acacia dealbata (silver wattle), centre, at 600 m. Also Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash), left and background; Nothofagus cunninghamii (myrtle beech), behind the A. dealbata.
Gully bottom with Dicksonia antarctica (soft tree fern) at 570 m. Also Atherosperma moschatum (southern sassafras), left.
Bedfordia arborescens (blanket leaf).
Hedycarya angustifolia (Australian mulberry), foreground.
Tasmannia lanceolata (mountain pepper).
Cyathea cunninghamii (slender tree fern). Also Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash), right and background, and Olearia argophylla (musk daisybush), bottom left.
Cyathea australis (rough tree fern) in Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash) forest.
Some trees of the park.